“I started taking Rock Solid Health live stream strength and yoga classes at the beginning of Illinois’ shelter in place mandate. Group fitness was always really intimidating to me but Blair’s encouraging and knowledgeable coaching style has made the experience so much more comfortable. Blair’s instructions and demonstrations are so incredibly helpful. Being able to workout safely from the comfort of my own home (and be confident in my form!) has truly been a game changer for both my physical and mental health. Over the last 6 weeks I have seen increased muscle definition and strength throughout my whole body, as well as increased focus and a lower stress level. These workouts are the real deal if you are willing to try your best and stick with it. Rock Solid Health, and Blair in particular, have made shelter in place a little less
stressful and I am grateful for that! -“

– Jill S

“Working with Blair Rockoff and taking her 6-week challenge is one of the best decisions I ever made. I hesitated to jump in as I did not feel completely ready, but after Blair gently challenged me to start anyway, I decided to join. I’m super glad I did. The first week helped me become much more aware of my diet and exercise habits, and to set some modest goals. When I began the challenge, I was having trouble eating enough and the right foods, was feeling low energy, and could tell I was on the verge of slipping back into a fatigue. I had lost weight and muscle tone during a very stressful period. I was definitely not taking care of myself, and the challenge helped me correct this and begin to establish better habits. Going into second week I was already feeling more energized and stronger and getting back into an exercise habit.

The classes are excellent, very well balanced and designed to build functional strength. I would say the program is almost like cross-fit as far as developing both strength and stamina while emphasizing motion and mobility. What I really love is the intelligence of the push/pull workout program design focused around fundamental movements rather than the typical upper body/lower body type structure that can lead to imbalances. The HIIT finisher at the end is a great fat burner and way to track your improvement. The program not only helps you get in shape, it will help you gain a deeper understanding of your psychometry and fitness profile overall.

I have enjoyed the strength training, yoga, and I look forward to taking some of the boxing classes eventually. The nutrition counseling and support is perfect in being flexible and adaptive. I personally love tracking my macros, and seeing the results both in the mirror and in improved strength. Blair works with people to help support them with their individual goals and the means they choose to achieve them, and I think this is another quality that sets her apart from many other trainers. Her combination of being challenging yet supportive, combined with her skills as a trainer make Blair quite unique in the field. Now that she is doing remote classes, I really would recommend this for anyone, anywhere, especially if you like training at home. After three weeks I have lost an inch in my middle as my tummy slimmed up, as well as gaining an inch in my hips from improved tone. Very excited to start week four and hone in even more on my nutrition. I am looking forward to adding muscle, gaining strength, and continuing to grow and learn—including getting more into kettlebell training!”
– Sasha V

“After my daughter was born, my schedule wasn’t conducive to working out outside the home. I work during the day, and my husband works at night, so once I’m home, all my attention goes to my toddler. Virtual training with Rock Solid has been a game changer for me. Not only am I able to attend classes when my schedule allows, but I’m able to stay consistent – and that makes all the difference. I’ve been a Rock Solid member for years, and the online classes as just as challenging as I remember the in-person workouts to be. It’s great to be back with my fit family!”
– Lea S

“RSH is awesome! The small group classes allow you to get personalized feedback and attention without the cost of a personal trainer. Blair is knowledgeable and gets to know her clients. She knows exactly what extra little things I need to add to help correct my body’s little quirks and how to work with old injuries. There is also a small community vibe of positive people to help push you and lift you up. I’ve been an athletic person for a long time and this place has challenged me, pushed me past a plateau, and helped me get stronger in a way that other large group classes haven’t. I’m so glad I found this place.”
– Kaitlin T

“Joining Rock Solid Health has totally changed my relationship with my fitness, strength and nutrition! My only regret was that I didn’t get started at the gym sooner. I spent most of my life as an athlete, but when my days playing field hockey ended after college, I never found a workout and nutrition routine that worked for me. I got by on occasional running and yoga, but never paid much attention to what I ate. After a few years of happy wining and dining with my now-fiance, I found myself looking ahead to my wedding day and wishing that I was a few pounds lighter and much more toned.


I got started with Rock Solid Health in December 2017 in preparation for my wedding in July 2018. I take group training classes, train one-on-one with James, and do nutrition coaching with Blair. I’ve already dropped many pounds and cut my body fat percentage. While I used to eat foods that irritated my stomach, I now know much more about nutrition that works for me. I feel so much more confident, and while I have a few more weeks to get ready for my wedding, I feel like I could get into my dress tomorrow and feel so happy.


I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Rock Solid. I used to dread workouts, and now I look forward to them. I particularly love the small group classes and sense of community that exists at the gym – people root each on, hold each other accountable and push each other to be their best.”
– Emily R

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